"forget everything you think you know about manifesting your big dream"

Forget everything you think you know about manifesting.

Let’s face it, you have done all the ordinary manifesting work like making moodboards and repeating affirmations, but it has not yet brought you to that place you truly desire.

you don't manifest by meditating or reading loa books


i do things differently then any other loa coach!

Manifesting is truly about the art of allowing. And that means that you need to tap into the right energy. When you live in scarcity most of the time, it is impossible to manifest abundance. When you see lack all the time it is impossible to manifest wealth. And when you try too hard, it is impossible to allow all your biggest desires.

Let me help you manifest your big dream these upcoming 8 weeks.


You are about to manifest your big dream!

I challenge the way the world thinks about things!

"It’s truly because of Soof's energy that I manifested 30K during my first launch ever "
Arrezina Roekel
Manifesting coach
"I manifested my pregnancy thanks to Soof's energy"
"When Soof speaks something magical happens"
Vivian Reijs
best selling author & speaker
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Birgit Luijck
facebook ads coach