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Middels de nr # 1 podcast show op I Tunes inspireert Sophie dagelijks wereldwijd mensen om uit hun geconditioneerde mind te komen.

Episode #3 A cloud does not put out the sun

Everything you experience in life is exactly what you’re supposed to experience, so you can grow. When you stop resisting and start to truly embrace everything that happens in your life, you will go next level. And remember you are always protected. Loves, Sophie   Highlights in this Podcast [1:49

Episode #2 How to resonate to the million dollar frequency

While I was also live on YouTube increasing the frequency of my closet, I recorded this episode. A lot of people think that as long as you think you’re rich, you’re rich. But it doesn’t work that way. It is exactly the other way around. First you have to pick

Episode #1 Buongiorno Principessa

Hi, my name is Sophie Dittmar and I am a psychologist, author and Inspirator. Welcome to my first ever episode of my English podcast So V Goes USA. I am beyond excited to conquer the world and spread my message to live from the sequence spirit, mind, physical. So you

Episode #194 Korte bonus episode over het moederschap

Lieve luisteraar, ik heb nog een hele korte bonus episode voor je opgenomen vlak voordat ik het weekend in ging. Want het is helemaal niet aan mij, het is aan spirit. En in the meanwhile, doe ik mijn ding, geniet ik van het leven en ben ik sowieso moeder in

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